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The fog rolls in as thick as the scum on the Inn Masters tongue, after a night of Jagermeister *Inn* ing. 

We have always heard ancient tales of such a place, but we thought it was just a Tale of Leprechaun Lore. That was until we ran into a little furry toed creature named Julio, donning a mysterious fanny pack. 

What he kept in his fanny pack only Julio knew, but I suspect it was a never emptying flask of Jagermeister. He said," Follow me, and I will take you to a place with such wonders you have never dreamed of." 

With that being said, this Julio with the furry toes... began to
raise up on his furry little toes, and then lower himself. All the while swaying his arms as gracefully as any ballerina might hope to do. It was as if only he could hear the melody he so danced to. For I listened and heard not. 

So be it said that this Julio, he does dance to his own tune.... what tune that be.... is not for me to say. I think he had best been named Julio with the Twinkle Toes than Julio with the furry Toes for it took all that I had to keep up with this furry toed rascal. 

The places this Julio took me were not made for any living soul to set eyes on.... to this day the memories haunt me to the core of my being. At last after many treks, and far too many tales to be told here... we reached this place called the Jagermeister Inn. 

Just whispering the very name... * Jagermeister Inn * brings such tranquility to ones own mind... or perhaps it brings an escape to all too familiar mundane occurrences day after day. This place called , Jagermeister Inn... it holds a place for each and everyone of you. What that place maybe, can only be filled
by your own vast playground each of us holds... Your imagination !! 

Take a chance....reach out....Knock upon the Jagermeister's great doors of wonder and see what lies in store for you today... who knows what little creatures we may come upon today, only you can say!!