The Jagermeister Inn



The Annual International Chess Championship was being held in St Paul Minnesota at the beautiful St Paul Hotel. The first night there was a reception in the lobby with platters of hors devours and champagne flowing freely. 

Soon the guests started get tipsy and loud. 

Chekov stated "Well when I won the Moscow Invitational I defeated my opponent in 26 moves."
Not to be outdone, Chermarski stated loudly, "When I won the San Francisco Invitational, I won in 18 moves." Finally Fischer loudly said, " That's child's play, when I won the New York championship, I won in exactly in 7 moves, that is why I am the grand champion."

All of a sudden the manager barges in and says, "I'll have to ask all of you gentlemen to leave immediately." Stunned they asked him why. He replied, "We do not allow chess nuts boasting in an open foyer."

Submitted by Loinchop

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