The Jagermeister Inn


Rejected Titles For "Brokeback Mountain"

Baloney Pony
Bareback Mounting
Butch Assidy And The Bundance Kid
Cowboys The Good, The Bad, And The Fabulous Silver-Rod-Owww
Destry Rides Again... And Again
Doc's Holiday With Billy The Kid
Don't Mess With Tex' Ass
He Wore A Yellow Ribbon
Hi, Plains Drifter!
Home On The Ranger
Jeremiah's Johnson
Little Bathhouse On The Prairie
Lonesome Doug
Mccabe And Mr. Miller
On How The West Was Hung
Paint Your Fag
Prances With Wolves
Quickly Down Under
Rodeo Tubesteak
Rooster Cockburn
The Hoarse Soldiers
The Legend Of The Long Ranger
The Magnificent Seven Inches
The Man Who Shot All Over Liberty Valance
The Pleasure Of The Sierra, Padre
The Wild Brunch
Very Raw Hide

Submitted by Loinchop

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