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Jagermeister Song by Lee Totten Acoustic Mp3

Jagermeister Song by Lee Totten Electric Mp3


Ah, the Jager song! I can't recall exactly where it was that I first heard it, but I suspect it was at Shannon's in Springfield, MA while watching the incomparable Sean & Jamie duo. I was a senior at Western New England College at the time, and the Thursday nights were our escape from the pressures of our impending graduation.

That song inspired me to try my first Jager shot, something I did in the back corner of another bar in Springfield, MA. I barely made it to the front of the place, out the front door and to the sidewalk before I got sick.

Undaunted, I crawled back inside and tried another one....

The song was originally written by Frank Chase, an incredible international performer who also penned such parody classics as She's Got A Pickle To Ride and Killington Girl. Sean & Jamie lifted the song when they were performing at the legendary Wobbly Barn in Killington, VT. I have made several pilgrimages to Killington and even found a giant Jagermeister bottle downstairs by the bathrooms in Mother Shapiros. Somewhere there's a photo of John Isham and I by that bottle, although I hope it never turns up here or anywhere else, for that matter. Radio 104's Kevin the afternoon guy heard me do that song one night somewhere and the rest, as they say, is history.

By Lee Totten